An image of the inside of a wedding marquee, showing the head table, the dancefloor, and a number of round, surrounding tables

Why Use a Marquee Company?

If you are in the process of planning and organising an event, one of the pieces of criteria that will be at the top of your checklist will be finding the perfect venue. In their latest blog post, Pitstop Marquee Hire outline the many reasons as to how hiring a marquee company can ensure your event is perfect down to the last detail.

1. Safety and Security

With a 24-hour helpline, hiring a marquee company ensures your big day goes without any hiccups. Once a dedicated team of experienced professionals have assembled your marquee and helped with any decorations, that same team will be available for another 24 hours to fix any issues with the marquee and to make sure the venue is ready for your event.

Despite being on hand to amend any faults with our bespoke marquees, at Pitstop Marquee Hire we believe that our venues can stand up to any event, making them perfect for any occasion all year round.

2. Stick to Your Budget

With bespoke marquees, your space is tailored to your needs, and that is replicated in the price. Despite our larger venues being at the top of our price list, the price of these venues, in comparison to room-hire options, is much cheaper in comparison. Often with bespoke marquees, the size of the venue does not compromise on the quality of the venue. All of our venues our truly bespoke to your requirements, and be used for weddings, garden parties, silent parties and everything in between.

3. Perfect for Any Event

Following on from our previous point, marquees can be used for any kind of event. Depending on the size of your guest list, the type of event you have in mind and the time of year, a marquee company and their collection of marquees can be tailored to make sure your venue does not disappoint. If, for example, you opt to have your wedding reception hosted in one of our beautiful, bespoke marquees, a marquee company can build a venue big enough to house all of your friends and families for an unforgettable evening. Conversely, if you are seeing in the summer with a quaint garden party, a small, intimate marquee will provide the perfect respite from the sun for all of your guests. No matter what event you have in mind, a marquee will never be out of place.

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