A DJ at a silent disco events

Why Silent Disco Events Are Better Than Any Other Party

A DJ at a silent disco events

With the simple addition of headphones, silent parties lock the sound in and ensure a night of unique, toe-tapping fun. Choose your type of music, plug-in and experience a night like no other, with DJ battles, various music channels and a night of non-stop dancing.

Eventually, a night out turns into the same old story: go out, listen to the same songs, have a dance, check the time and head home with a big dent in your bank account and with nothing to show for it. Before you resort back to type and decide to head to town again, why not consider a silent disco to spice up your social life? Pitstop Marquee Hire explains why silent disco events are better than any other party…

Be The DJ

Silent disco events put you in control of your night out. Instead of standing in a packed club bopping your head to a megamix of overplayed chart music, throw a silent disco and choose whether you listen to pop, rock, rap, funk or reggae. Being able to hide behind headphones allows you to dance the night away with the peace of mind of knowing that nobody is judging your choice of music.

Having a variety of music at your disposal will guarantee that your night never plateaus, keeping you on your feet and singing your heart out until the early hours.

Focus On The Party

Socialising all-timer friends is the whole point of a party, but when your all-time favourite song comes on, you are going to want to drop the small talk and dance like you have never danced before. With nothing but the music in your ears, a silent disco event is a perfect environment for anyone wanting to just cut loose and throw their hands in the air.

Don’t assume that these parties are completely antisocial, though. With DJ Battles, dance-offs and a whole host of other games and contests going on throughout the night, you can guarantee that you and your friends will be having the time of your life.

Something Different

Above all else, a silent disco event is something different and a nice change of pattern. If you have reached a point where your nights out are the same old story time and time again, then mix it up and whack out the headphones. With a number of different genres at your fingertips, including current pop hits for the younger partygoers and the hits of yesteryear for the older demographic, silent discos are perfect for anyone and everyone.

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