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Why Rain on your Wedding day is Nothing to Fear

Many people fear rain on their wedding day, thinking that it will spoil the photos and be too cold and wet to thoroughly enjoy. However, there are many reasons why rain on your wedding day is actually a good thing. In the latest post from Pitstop Marquees, we take a look at some of the many reasons you don’t need to fear the heavens opening on the day you say I do.

Unique Photo Opportunities

You may not think so, but many photographers actually prefer shooting on a rainy day, as it gives them a variety of unique photos to capture. Additionally, the hazy backdrop of a rainy day can be more difficult to create on a clear sunny day.

If rain is forecast for your wedding day, invest in some colourful rain boots, umbrella’s and have fun creating a variety of fun poses outside. If you’re concerned about ruining your hair or makeup in the rainy weather, just ask your photographer to take all of y our inside shots first, and leave any outside photos until after.

Rain is Romantic

Consider the downpour of rain in a romantic comedy. Rain can create an incredibly romantic setting as you watch it trickle down the windows of your warm and cosy venue. Additionally, the onset of rain typically means the temperature will drop slightly and gives all of your guests a great excuse to huddle up.

Rain Means Good Luck

If you’ve been dreading the rain, you may not feel very lucky if a downpour starts on the morning of your wedding. However, in some cultures, rain is considered lucky on your wedding day and symbolises fertility and cleansing.

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