Bunting being used at a traditional garden party

Why Patio Marquees Are Perfect for Any Garden Party


After the odd spells of sun and more than our fair share of rain, the great British summer is finally drawing to a close. While there are a few days of sunshine left, make the most of the final days of summer by popping up a patio marquee and throwing a stylish and understated garden party.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, throwing a party for your children or just getting friends and family together for the sake of it, make use of the weather and take the party outside. The beauty behind a patio marquee is that it doesn’t matter if you garden isn’t the biggest; all of our marquees can be designed and tailored to fit your space so that they are always specific to your needs and requirements. Whether you want a larger area for all of your guests to congregate in or a smaller area to store food and drink, our patio marquees can be crafted to fit your exact measurements, making them the perfect option for your next get together.

Weather Resistant Marquees

Although the mood surrounding your garden party may hinge on the weather, if the British summer is as unpredictable as previous years, a weather resistant patio marquee will provide the perfect shelter from the elements. If the skies do turn grey and the rain does start to fall, there is no need for the party to head indoors; Pitstop Marquees’ range of patio marquees are suitable for any type of weather, so you garden party can get into full swing come rain, wind or shine. Not only does the patio marquee provide some respite to your guests, it will also shield your home and your carpets from wet and muddy footprints.

Patio Marquee Decorations

Despite being an incredibly practical option for any garden party, patio marquees also look great. As mentioned earlier, these marquees act as the perfect centrepiece to any garden, and once they are decorated and fitted with lights, flooring and ornaments, you will have a beautiful patio marquee for your garden party. Consider these lighting options to make sure your patio marquee looks just as good at night as it does during the day.

If you think one of our patio marquees would be perfect for your next garden party, contact Pitstop Marquees today on 01827 872280 or use our online form to speak to a member of our team.