A Pitstop Marquee venue

Why Marquee Venues Are Perfect For Any Type of Event


Finding the perfect venue is one of the most important aspects of hosting any event. Whether you are in charge of organising your office’s Christmas party, throwing your child a birthday party they will never forget or just getting your friends and family together for a catch-up, the right venue creates the perfect environment for celebrating and for making memories. Before you go splashing out on private spaces, why not consider a bespoke marquee venue for your next event or party? Pitstop Marquees explain why their marquees are perfect for events of all shapes and sizes.

Bespoke Marquee Venues

One of the biggest benefits of opting for a marquee venue over a private space or hired room is that they can be designed to fit your specific needs and requirements. Instead of searching far and wide for a venue that is the right size and space and doesn’t offer too many restrictions, why not opt for a marquee and design the space yourself? With our range of bespoke marquee venues, we can cater for a party of however many people while still offering a competitive price, making marquees the most practical and functional venue option for any event.

Setting Up

For anyone who has ever been in charge of organising a party or event, you will understand and appreciate the stresses and challenges of getting everything ready for the big day. When renting out a private space, the room is yours but you are on your own. With a bespoke marquee venue, however, you will be accompanied by a professional and experienced team to help set up the venue and help with the entire setting up procedure. Even once the marquee has been assembled, you will be able to contact our team at any point throughout the event, just in case there any hiccups throughout the night.

A Change Of Scenery

Marquees also provide a nice change of scenery to the typical private venue. Instead of the bog-standard room with a DJ and dimmed lights, marquee venues are far more intimate and the scope for design and decoration is far greater than any other venue. For more information on how to customize your venue, take a look at our lighting and flooring guides for your marquee here.

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