A table at an office Christmas party held in a corporate marquee

Why Corporate Marquees Are Perfect for Your Office Christmas Party


As the calendar creeps towards the festive period, offices all around the country are beginning to turn their attention to planning the annual Christmas party. For a night that can leave you with embarrassing stories and a sore head, why not step away from the office and cut loose in a top of the range corporate marquee? In their latest blog post, Pitstop Marquee explains why corporate marquees are perfect for your office Christmas party and provide a number of tips and tricks to help get your marquee ready for the big night.

Is There Any Room at the Inn?

Whether you want to just house your staff or to accommodate for plus ones and partners, corporate marquees can be tailored to make sure you have a venue that is big enough for any number of guests. All of our corporate marquees are completely bespoke and designed to accommodate a guest list of any size, so save wasting time searching for a place to hire and have Pitstop Marquee supply one of their signature marquees for your office Christmas party.

To leave you with a night to remember, why not opt to have a dance floor fitted into your marquee, giving your guests a specific area to celebrate?

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Depending on your desired theme, you can decorate and design your bespoke corporate marquee to make sure your guests can celebrate in style. Why not opt for a traditional festive theme and drag a Christmas tree into the marquee to act as the centrepiece for your venue and accent this feature with tinsel and Christmas lights? If this is not for you, then opt for a sense of class and esteem and go for an old-school black tie event and decorate your venue accordingly.

Unlike some other venue options, when you hire out a corporate marquee from Pitstop Marquee, the venue is your own, allowing you to stamp your mark on it and decorate in any way you please.

All I Want For Christmas Is a Clean and Tidy Office

The traditional office Christmas party is not an event typically associated with cleanliness and organisation. Often, these events end with a number of spilled drinks, the innards of party poppers all over the floor, and mountains of crumbs from the Christmas buffet. To avoid your office being left in a sorry state, let your colleagues loose in a hired out venue, such as a corporate marquee, and avoid the risk of damaging your workplace.

If you are in the process of planning your annual office Christmas party, why not consider one of our very own corporate marquees? For more information on all of our marquee hire services, contact Pitstop Marquee on 01827872280 today.