A couple making a heart from their hands at their winter wedding

Why Choose a Marquee For a Winter Wedding?


Although tying the knot is a happy and exciting time, planning your big day can throw up a number of challenges, particularly when hosting a winter wedding. Having to accommodate for the cold and the wet, all while trying to keep your guests happy and smiling, can leave you scratching your head when trying to choose a venue. Before you go booking stately homes or rooms-for-hire, why not consider popping up a completely bespoke marquee? Pitstop Marquees outline some of the reasons as to why you should opt for a marquee for your winter wedding.

Combat The Cold

One of the biggest pluses of using a marquee for your winter wedding is that they are designed to shut out the wet and the cold. For weddings taking place in the colder months, the priority will be keeping your guests warm and keeping them dry, and marquees are perfect for shutting out even the harshest of conditions. Although private rooms also shut out the cold, marquees and their flooring options remove the stresses of having guests drag wet and muddy footprints in and across the carpet. Investing in a marquee will allow you to enjoy your special day and won’t leave you paranoid for the whole evening. The last thing you want after your wedding night is to wake up to a carpet cleaning bill.

Build Your Own Venue

Accommodating for your guests is a large part of planning your wedding and choosing a venue; more often than not, you will have to compromise on the perfect location in favour of a venue that can house all your guests. With marquees, you have complete control over how big your venue is, making sure that the room isn’t overcrowded and, in turn, stopping people from spilling outside into the cold.

Not only can you choose how big or small your venue is, but you can also decorate the entire marquee yourself. Marquees act as a blank canvas, allowing you to decorate the entire room from top to bottom with a specific theme or colour scheme. Even if you wish to shut out the winter blues and relive the warm, summer months, a marquee allows you to make your winter wedding a warm one.

Pitstop Marquees have a wealth of experience in constructing bespoke marquees for weddings, birthday parties, charity events, and every other sort of celebration, so if you are thinking of choosing a marquee for your winter wedding venue, contact us today. Give us a call on 01827 872280 or leave us a message via our online form.