an image of a silent disco DJ deck

Where to Host a Silent Disco Party

an image of a silent disco DJ deck

Silent discos are taking the UK event industry by storm! They offer a unique party activity that is both memorable and versatile, slickly giving the power of the music choice back to the event attendees. As the silent disco equipment is portable and easy to manoeuvre around the country, your potential event location choices are suddenly endless – meaning that a party held outside or at an unconventional area is not restricted by certain laws and regulations. Below, Pitstop Marquee Hire has offered three different locations where the introduction of a silent disco could help to enhance the event.

Kids Party
Let’s face it – music intended to accompany kids parties and events isn’t always going to suit more adult tastes. A silent disco is the perfect way to ensure that both the kids attending the party and the adults supervising are pleased with both the volume and genre of the music. Simply hand a pair of headphones out to every child, set the channel to an artist or a playlist your kids can’t get enough of, and enjoy the peace and quiet as the little ones wear themselves out dancing the day away. The kids will love the freedom of choosing what they listen to, and you can spend the event catching up with parents and watching your offspring have the time of their lives.

Beach Events
A critical aspect to the appeal of hosting a silent disco is the fact that you can keep the party going past noise regulation hours, dancing into the night without having to worry about disturbing surrounding neighbours or animals. If you’re hosting an event at the beach, a silent disco can help to elongate the length of the party, allowing your guests to feel free and enjoy themselves whilst choosing their genre of music. If the day of your event is particularly gusty, you won’t have to worry about the music getting lost in the wind, as your guests are in full control of the volume on their headsets.

Outdoor Wedding Marquee
Silent discos are extremely popular crowd pleasers at weddings, whether as the main reception activity or as a way to keep the party going once the DJ or band has finished their set. With a myriad of tunes and genres available, you’re guaranteed a packed dance floor comprised of all generations with the silent disco provisions!

Here at Pitstop Marquee Hire, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a comprehensive silent discos package, presenting a new take on the traditional disco vibes. We can come to your event location and set you up with all the necessary equipment – even providing a 24 hour phone service should anything go wrong on the day of your event. Do not hesitate to complete our online contact form or give us a call at 01827 872280 to discuss bringing our silent disco equipment to your next party!