An image of a wedding marquee featuring a rustic theme

Wedding Theme Ideas that Fit Inside a Marquee

Here at Pitstop Marquee Hire, we often receive enquiries from engaged couples who are looking to create their perfect wedding day. Thanks to the versatility of the marquee, a huge range of different options are available when it comes to the wedding theme; here, we’re taking a look at some of the many choices.
We’re not saying you should go for any of these wedding theme ideas for your own special day. It’s your wedding, and it needs to be personal. Hopefully, though, we can offer some inspiration for the basis of your own, personal creation.


An image of a woman in a purple dress

Okay, so this isn’t really a theme” as such, but many couples simply choose to base their wedding on a colour, and don’t go much further than that. Let’s say you opt for sky blue – you’d perhaps ask the bridesmaids to wear blue, and for the groom and best man to wear light blue ties. Other than that, chair covers and flowers might be the only other elements of the wedding that need tailoring.
Simply choosing a colour as your wedding theme keeps everything simple, while still adding a touch of personality. This choice also has no danger of clashing” with the marquee. It’s not obtrusive, and it doesn’t take too much effort on anyone’s part!


An image of a wedding marquee using a rustic theme

Rustic weddings are relatively well-known. Having said that, people often get confused by exactly what they entail. You’ve probably got an idea of what they involve, but let’s try to spell that out a bit more clearly here.
Firstly, think natural. Think wood, traditional decorations, and nothing too over-the-top. Obviously if you’re in a marquee, it’s going to be tricky to involve great big, wooden beams. You can, however, decorate tables with worn, wooden pieces, and perhaps keep things a little more informal. Prioritise warm colours and make the most of that wood!


An image of a red tree in autumn, featuring a couple getting married in the background

You’ve probably given a lot of thought to the time of year you’re getting married. It’s unlikely that you’ve chosen your least favourite season of the year, anyway, which presents a natural theme in itself. For example, if you love Autumn and your wedding’s in October, then decorate the inside of your marquee with deep reds and browns; if it’s in Spring then keep it colourful!

By region

An image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Our fourth and final guideline for theming your wedding is that of region, country, or continent. This idea is perfect for any couple who have a special place they frequently visit, or who met abroad. It’s generally not too difficult to picture, either, although it could cost a little more than, say, a simple colour theme.
Without wishing to be entirely cliche here, let’s imagine that the special place is Paris. You might consider serving French food, and on emulating their incredible architecture in the furniture and decorations. It doesn’t have to be Paris, but generally countries provide an excellent opportunity for a wedding theme!

Pitstop Marquee Hire

Now you’ve got a few different ideas for wedding themes, it’s time to think about putting them into practice! Get in touch with us about hiring a marquee on 01827 872 280, or fill out one of our online contact forms. We look forward to hearing back from you!