Image of a wedding, used here to represent Pitstop Marquee Hire's wedding marquee service

Wedding Marquees: Why Marquees Are Perfect for Your Special Day

If you’re like many people, you’ll already have an idea about what kind of wedding reception you’re after. Some prefer the idea of a shiny, glitzy ballroom, while others would probably rather a cozy pub.

Wedding marquees, however, might not be top of too many people’s list when it comes to planning their special day. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post, to help show you why they should be.


Much in the same way that many people have a specific type of menu in mind, many people also have a specific theme in their heads. Thankfully, a marquee allows you to bring that vision to life with little to no fuss. Sure, you might need to spend a bit to get it exactly how you’ve pictured, but you’ve got complete artistic license, and the end result won’t be restricted by a particular venue.

Outside in

Always loved the idea of an outdoor wedding? Unfortunately, the English weather has a tendency to destroy most well-laid plans when it comes to planning anything outside. If you are keen on the idea, though, a marquee wedding represents the perfect middle ground. You might not be completely exposed to the elements, but you and your guests have every opportunity to spend most of your time outside if mother nature does shine favourably on you. The beauty of a marquee in this respect is that it offers a guarantee: your wedding won’t be completely ruined if the heavens do open!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with using wedding venues. They do well for a reason, after all. That being said, something has to be said for knowing that your wedding is entirely personal. If you’re not sharing the venue with anyone else (which can often happen at larger venues), you’re also not restricted by curfew times and catering arrangements.

What it comes down to

Essentially, the choice between a wedding marquee and other arrangements comes down to a few things. Arguably the primary factor is the room for manoeuvre you have with a marquee. If you’d prefer not to have make decisions, it might be best to go with someone else. If, however, you’re keen to put your stamp on your wedding, then a marquee is a superb option.

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