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Wedding Catering: How to Choose Well

Along with the dress, the venue, the band, the invitations, and the 500 other things you’ve got to think about before a wedding, catering is an important consideration. It doesn’t have to be too difficult; there are plenty of options out there and a whole host that are more than acceptable.

Your Theme

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Does your wedding have a theme? Arguably every wedding does, but some are clearer than others. For example, an enchanted forest” wedding has a clearer theme than one simply hosted in a local hotel.

If there is a clear theme to your wedding, then your job becomes a bit easier. You don’t have to do this, but the easiest (and nonetheless effective) solution would be to cater your food to that theme. For example, if it’s an especially formal wedding and you’ve asked your guests to come in black tie, some sort of sit-down meal would probably be the most appropriate.

You do you

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In stark contrast to our previous point, remember that it’s your wedding! Essentially that gives you a license to do whatever you want when it comes to food. Want a formal wedding but to still serve burgers on paper plates? Go ahead. One of the best ways to decide what kind of food to serve your guests is simply to choose what you and your intended want. No-one can complain because it’s your wedding, and you get to enjoy food that you actually enjoy.

Remember to consider quantities

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Probably our most boring point, but you must remember to feed everyone. Unless you’ve invited a load of divas along, they probably won’t mind if it’s not a three course meal. You do, however, need to ensure they have enough that they’re feeling nice and full for the evening’s celebrations.

The main message

Essentially, consider all of the points we’ve made and decide what is the most important to you. If it’s more important that everything fits with your theme, then make that your priority. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to pick food that reflects your own preferences and you’ll enjoy, there’s nothing wrong with that either.

While that may not seem too helpful on the face of it, it’s equally the best piece of advice we could give you. The real key here is to decide how to decide – what’s the most important aspect of your catering to you? Once you can answer that, you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect food for your wedding.