Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Its that time of year again where we usually do one marquee a week! Now the rest of the time is maintaining all the stock so we at Pitstop wont have a shock for the future season for 2017, when all will be very clean and pristine!
Silent parties are very busy, making us feel very dizzy. So, please don’t think you can’t party in fear of upsetting your neighbours, just try one of these. Or call us and we’ll explain, just how your’e party wont be in vane.

A Silent What????? Teachers, its coming to the end of term, for Christmas! Children wanting a School Disco? THIS IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!
Food for thought….
Teachers shy away from saying yes to the school disco!
But there is an alternative to keeping the noise levels down, you know,
It can be a Silent One, as this is been done, all over the Country,
And we know Teachers and schools think this is brilliant,
and you don’t have to be distant,
You remain where its all happening, enjoying the party atmosphere with all the Children without any fear,
Having amazing quiet fun,
Believe us you wont be glum,
It will be a party ‘well done’

So if you are working in a school, consider this, for your childrens’ future events, www.silentparties.co.uk