An image of a spring garden party buffet, consisting of fruits and colourful drinks

Throwing the Perfect Spring Garden Party

It’s March 14th, and we haven’t had any snow for a good week or so. That must mean it’s time to start talking about spring, about getting outside, and about throwing garden parties.

Okay, so the reality might be a little different. While there are inevitably those among us who will be wearing shorts and t-shirts in a matter of weeks, come what may, the majority of us have probably realised that the weather hasn’t exactly improved much just yet. The problem is, it’s ingrained in our culture as English people to get outside as soon as the clocks go forward. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to throwing the perfect spring garden party; hopefully it helps!

Hire a Marquee

No surprise there, then. You’re reading a blog on a marquee hire company’s website, so the chances are you were going to hear about the benefits of marquees at some point. Honestly, though, they’re perfect for outdoor parties in slightly substandard weather conditions. If the ground’s still a little wet, you can have a carpet laid, while the marquee itself will protect you from the (almost) inevitable April showers. Bearing in mind that it’ll probably be significantly colder than you and your guests would like, you’re also able to bring heaters into a marquee without the risk of them getting wet.

Let’s be honest, a spring garden party is a little risky in England. Even the summer is reliably unreliable, so having the protection of a marquee could prove to be the difference between an unsuccessful event and one that’s showered in compliments. Even if the sun does shine all day, a marquee provides some handy shade, and your guests are still free to sit away from it.

Image of a marquee in a large grassy area, perfect for a spring garden party

Think about the theme

One of the key considerations for any party is the theme. For a spring garden party, you can’t go too far wrong as long as everything is colourful! Decorating your chairs and tables with colourful, fresh flowers will help everyone feel as spring-like as possible, until they look at the sky at least. Make sure that you’re garden’s in good condition, too. Have some flowers planted (daffodils and tulips are perfect in the spring), and try to make things look as bright as possible. Winter’s over, as the bleak greys and muddy lawns of the colder months should also be.

An image of a flowery tablecloth, perfect for a spring garden party

Consider the food

No spring garden party is complete without the appropriate food. Generally, you’re going to want something light. Winter is associated with heavier foods, with spring symbolising a move away from that time of the year. With that in mind, a buffet would be the perfect way to serve food at your event. Think about mini pizzas, sausage rolls, crisps and dips, and plenty of fruit. These sorts of food also add colour to your party, while simultaneously feeding your guests; anything that ticks more than one box should always be seriously considered!

An image of a spring garden party buffet, consisting of fruits and colourful drinks

Don’t restrict yourself

Sure, you’re going to want to stay outside if you’re throwing a spring garden party, but don’t completely restrict yourself. If all of the elements are against you, it might be a much more successful event if you were to simply move things indoors. People will understand, and will probably be grateful for the extra warmth and added comfort. Sometimes, this simply isn’t an option, but it’s worth being prepared just in case. Trudging inside might feel like defeat, but if all else fails then everyone can resort to moaning about the weather. What better way to spend a British get together?

Image of a thermometer displaying a cold temperature

Pitstop Marquees

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