an image of pens and paper, ready for a workshop inside a corporate marquee

Three Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Marquee for Your Business Event

an image of pens and paper, ready for a workshop inside a corporate marquee

Although typically considered for celebratory events such as weddings or parties, corporate marquee hire is actually becoming an increasingly popular option with many event organisers for a myriad of reasons; they offer flexibility; look professional and stylish; and can be expertly moulded to fit an array of purposes and decorative themes. Pitstop Marquees wholly believes that a corporate marquee can enhance any business event, and below are just three strong reasons why.

Site choice
Hiring a corporate marquee means that your venue choices aren™t limited and don™t have to rely on your business event requirements. Location is integral for determining the guest list – for example, you could choose to hold the event outside your business headquarters to ensure that all required staff or company patrons are likely to attend, or you could in-fact re-locate the event to stunning mansions grounds located in a complete different area to your company. Either way, the flexibility and transportability of the corporate marquee will allow you to take your endeavours anywhere.

Guest capacity
With the installation of a corporate marquee, you will no longer need to worry about limiting the guest list, as the marquee can be chosen to suit your needs, as opposed to the other way around. Whether you™re striving to offer a professional yet intimate affair, or wish to invite as many business benefactors as possible, there will be a marquee available that is a suitable size to fulfil your demands.

Flexibility of decoration
Marquees are absolutely a versatile event option – despite their typical white drapes facade, the interior of the marquee can be shaped and designed to your liking. Want to decorate the marquee with your business colours and branding? That is definitely possible, and something Pitstop Marquees who recommend for a professional yet sleek appearance. You are in full control of the overall look, ambience, and layout of the event, allowing you to truly mould the marquee into a place that augments the event schedule and strengthens your company name. Exhibitions stands can be installed within the marquee, promotional objects can be comfortably placed with ease, and tables and chairs can be fixed in a way that aligns with your event wishes.

Do not hesitate to contact marquee hire professionals Pitstop Marquees to discuss the possibility of installing a corporate marquee at your next business event. With an extensive amount of event experience at our team™s fingertips, we are confident that you, with our expert help, you will quickly discover the ideal marquee solution for your corporate event. Simply call 01827 872280 or complete our online contact form to be put in touch with the Pitstop Marquees team as quickly as possible.

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