An image of a marquee from the outside, showing half of the structure closed off and the other half see-through

The Many Uses of Bespoke Marquees


Marquees are quickly becoming one of the most popular venues choices for people all around the world. Despite being a go-to venue for parties and celebrations, there are a number of other uses available when you hire a bespoke marquee. In our latest blog post, we outline the many uses of bespoke marquees and why you should consider marquees for any type of function.

Garden Parties

If you are getting sick of the winter weather, turn the daydreams of summer into reality and start planning a summer garden party. By providing a subtle, little hideaway for your guests to seek solace from the sun, and also provide a fitting centrepiece to your garden. With the addition of bunting and suitable lighting for when the sun sets, you will have a picturesque garden party setting fit for all your guests.

Wedding Marquees

At Pitstop Marquee Hire, we specialise in providing bespoke marquees for weddings and creating a beautiful venue for you and your guests. Whether you have a handful of close friends and family or hundreds of names on the guest list, we can provide a venue that provides your guests with enough space to comfortably enjoy the ceremonies and celebrations. Step away from traditional wedding venues and opt for a more personal and intimate space for all your guests with our range of bespoke marquees.

Corporate Events

Our marquees are not limited to parting and celebration. Are you hosting an event for your business and need a classy space for all your colleagues and partners? Our marquees may not be the traditional place for a business meeting, but we have provided many marquees to companies all over the country for their functions, fundraisers and other types of events. Our marquees are often cheaper than conventional corporate venues and do not compromise on quality or style, so for a purpose-built venue at a fraction of the industry cost, contact us today.

Silent Parties

Despite our claims that bespoke marquees are not just restricted to partying, they are still great for hosting the nights you never forget. Particularly with our silent parties, we can house any number of guests and provide them all with headphones, good music and a professional DJ to get the party started. If you’re looking for the night of all nights, get in touch with Pitstop Marquee Hire today by calling us on 01827 872280 or leave us a message via our online contact form.