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The Many Uses for a Corporate Marquee


When people talk about corporate marquee services, they’re never especially specific. Corporate” generally just means anything relating to a large company or group, so corporate marquees would, logically, be marquees suitable for company uses. Here, we spell out some of the more popular corporate marquee functions, providing a few examples of how they can bolster an event or exhibition.


Firstly, it is worth pointing out that the corporate marquee is a wonderful, flexible phenomenon that can be used for a multitude of functions. This is worth discussing before we get any more specific, as the flexibility of marquees is key to their beauty. There are few corporate events for which a marquee of some kind would be inappropriate; anything that requires a space to be set up could make use of one.


Similarly to the previous point, marquees can be customised to suit any needs. If you’re looking to create a bespoke, tailored feel for your corporate event, then a marquee could be really effective. If you have a particular theme or style in mind, then you can decorate and mould your marquee into something that suits your exact requirements.

Annual dinners

Now, for the specifics. Annual work dinners are perfect settings for a corporate marquee. Due to the flexibility they offer, you can create the exact feel you’re going for, safe in the knowledge that the size of your space is just right. Annual summer or Christmas dinners should be events that the whole company looks forward to, and marquees provide a safe space where everyone can enjoy themselves.


If you’re in a field of work where exhibitions are often required, then marquees are almost a necessity. That’s an exaggeration, but a corporate marquee could save you a lot of hassle when it comes to hiring rooms, halls, or buildings. Furthermore, marquees are also perfect for business fairs; they provide an open space where a variety of companies can set up their stalls how they want it.


If you’re hosting a conference, but don’t have access to enough space, look no further. Marquees are perfectly suitable for conferences, providing a large, open space in which seats, stages and screens can be assembled.

Pitstop marquee Hire

We haven’t covered all of the uses for corporate marquees here, far from it. Hopefully, though, we’ve given you some real-life situations for which they are suited. If you require a corporate marquee, or think that one could bolster your annual dinner or conference, contact the team at Pitstop Marquee Hire on 01827 872 280. Alternatively, fill out one of our simple online contact forms.