An image of headphones, an essential part of any silent disco

The Key to Throwing a Successful Silent Party


Anyone can throw a bog standard, run of the mill house party; get a few disposable cups, connect your phone to a speaker, and leave your front door open for your guests. This type of party is perfectly fine, but if you are looking to set your event apart from all the other shindigs and hootenannies, you are going to have to do something different. Make sure your next get-together is one your guests never forget by swapping the speakers for headphones and hosting a silent party. To ensure your next event is the party of all parties, Pitstop Marquees outline the essential steps for throwing a successful silent party.

Get Everyone on Board

As a silent party is completely different to a typical house party, you will have to sell the premise of the party. Although these functions are different to what many are used to, the change is often welcomed as they breathe new life into parties and disrupt the pattern of the bog standard do’s we spoke about previously. The introduction of headphones prevents your guests from loitering around the edge of the dancefloor and encourages everyone to get lost in the music, getting the party into its full swing straight away. To find out more of the benefits a silent party brings to you and your guests, take a look at our previous blog: ‘Why Silent Disco Events Are Better Than Any Other Party’.

There Is More to Your Party Than the Headphones

If you want to throw a truly unforgettable party, make sure your effort does not stop at the decision to throw a silent party. Go all out and make sure your venue is flawless and that every other aspect of your party, such as themes, food and decorations, are all taken care of. Although your guests will spend the majority of their night dancing away to your selection of handpicked tunes, a trendy venue with all the added extras will separate your party from the rest.

Do It Right

To guarantee your party goes down in partying folklaw, enlist the support of a professional and experienced team to avoid any hiccups and to make sure everything goes to plan. Here at Pitstop Marquees, we have a dedicated team that can not only provide you with a suitable venue, but we can also set up and supervise your silent party. For more information on our silent party service, contact us today on 01827 872280 or by leaving us a message via our online contact form.