People dancing along at a silent disco

The Definitive Collection of Cheesy Songs for Your Silent Disco


Despite the iconic sounds of grunge and Britpop, the 90’s and early noughties have left us with a number of guilty pleasures. In order to keep your floor filled, make sure this list of cheesy songs is kept to its own channel for your next silent disco.

Ice, Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

Before the dark and depressive tones of Eminem, another bleached-hair rapper blew an air of cheddar over the hip-hop-pop genre. Vanilla Ice and his only recognisable hit is every wannabe MC’s go-to karaoke ballad. The opening line of ‘Alright, stop’ is the apt response to anyone attempting to stumble their way over the lyrics.

With the added insult of rhyming over a Queen and Bowie classic, ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ is a go-to for anyone planning on hosting a cheesy songs party.

I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Ah yes, who doesn’t love a song which encourages middle-aged men to strip down in slow-motion? Typically found towards the end of the cheesy songs playlist, this number rears its ugly head once the empty bottle count has crept up and inhibitions have been lowered.

Although your dancefloor may be littered with unbuttoning men, at least with a silent disco you have the choice as to whether you put up with the song or not.

Macarena – Los Del Rio

A staple in every cheesy song playlist. With a floor filled with men and women of all ages and their poor attempts at the Portuguese language, the Macarena is the dance of a generation. Although this number isn’t as cringey and embarrassing as the previous ‘hits’ on this list, the Los Del Rio gang will always pop up at any wedding, birthday party or silent disco, and they bring a certain level of cheese with them wherever they go.

Cha, Cha Slide – Mr C The Slide Man

On the theme of dance routine party hits, is there any cheesy song more iconic than the Cha, Cha Slide? The song has it all; simple choreography, a round of aggressive clapping which isn’t annoying at all, and single-handedly the best name of any artist on this list.

When Mr C The Slide Man declares that it’s ‘time to get funky’, an audible groan is let out from parents with their children marching them onto the dancefloor. For that reason alone, this noughties number slides right onto the list.

Cotton Eyed Joe – Rednex

If the night has hit somewhat of a plateau and everyone is a little tired and worn out, cranking Cotton Eyed Joe will instantaneously transform a lifeless party into a bubbling barn dance. In the blink of an eye, your auntie and uncle will be sporting straw hats and plaid shirts and swing around arm in arm.

With a simple hook for everyone to learn and to chant, this hillbilly hit provides the perfect amount of cheese for any party.

Who Let The Dogs Out – BaHa Men

A number of these cheesy songs have been flops in the eyes of critics and the charts. However, when the BaHa Men dropped this track in 2000, it was met with a mixed reception. You could focus on how the song was the biggest selling record in the UK in 2000 and how it received a Grammy for ‘Best Dance Record’, or you could take the side of Rolling Stone Magazine who listed it as the 3rd most annoying song of all time.

Like the majority of the songs on this list, ‘Who Let The Dogs Out’ coincides perfectly with the Marmite analogy. Whatever your stance on any of these cheesy songs, a silent disco allows anyone with an acquired taste of music to throw caution to the wind and start dancing the night away.

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