an image of the headphones used at silent parties

The Advantages of Hosting Silent Parties

an image of the headphones used at silent parties

Silent parties are increasingly becoming a popular choice for weddings, festivals, and events across the country, offering a unique range of benefits that will undoubtedly separate your celebrations from the rest. Silent discos are a really fun way to bring everyone together, and round off your event with a bang.

Pitstop Marquee Hire have listed three advantages to hosting silent parties to help you decide whether it is appropriate activity for your upcoming event or party.

Because the music streams from wireless headphones, you can set your party at any location and not have to worry about time or noise restraints. Many places around the United Kingdom require any loud party music to be turned off by 11pm, but a silent party does not emit noise pollution at all. Simply plug in the headphones and play the music until your heart’s content, continuing to party into the early hours of the morning without disturbing your neighbours or the surrounding area.

Variety of music
At a conventional disco, with one DJ at the reigns of the music, ultimately there will disagreements over music choice. Minimise the chance for grumbles by giving your party-goers the option to choose their own music; a variety of genres can be made readily available at your event to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the tunes on offer.

Unconventional fun
Just the sight of watching a group of people dancing to their own rhythms can be absolutely hilarious. With the use of wireless headphones, you can dance the night away with your family and friends, all while listening to different genres at once. Away from the headphones and the dance floor, you are actually able to have conversations with other party-goers, not having to battle against the blaring music to get your voice heard. Despite rumors to the contrary, silent parties can in-fact be very sociable and fun!

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