Monday, 12th September 2016

Our 6m x 18m and a 9m x 4.5m frame marquees are being used for a local steam rally open day, something to do with the Flying Scotsman! Should you go for a look and the sun shines, you might just get a tan?
A 40′ x 100′ traditional pole marquee for Spitfire camp with a 40′ x 40′ traditional pole for more scouts near Bromsgrove for a weekend. Another traditional pole marquee in Bishops Itchington in our 40′ x 60′ for a toy fair, go take a peek, you may find a cuddly bear.
A 12m x 18m frame near Weston Park and a 6m x 21m for a wedding in a local drinking establishment. A starcloth ceiling will be installed in a local Hotel for wedding too! In Lichfield an open fronted 3m x 12m frame, last week we did the same. Satisfaction is our aim!!