an image of wedding marquee lighting for a leicester wedding

How to Light Your Leicester Wedding Marquee

an image of wedding marquee lighting for a leicester wedding

The fantastic thing about marquees is that they can be sculpted to your liking – able to mould to your chosen decorative theme fairly inexpensively. Lighting is a vital aspect to consider when decorating your Leicester wedding marquee; whether you are looking to encourage an ambient atmosphere or light the evening meal and reception with sparkling lights, you will need to research into your preferences prior to hiring your wedding marquee.

There are a myriad of lighting options available to suit your tastes and wedding requirements. Pitstop Marquees have, therefore, detailed four lighting choices to help you decide how you’ll be lighting your wedding marquee on the big day.

Chandeliers are a truly beautiful lighting option that would suit an array of wedding themes, in particular a classy, whitewashed look. One large, sparkling chandelier will instantly brighten the entire marquee, whereas a few smaller chandeliers dotted around the roof of the marquee will create a dimmer yet lovely effect.

Festoon lights
Festoon lights are a good example of how a little can go a long way. Currently a very popular lighting trend, festoon lights comprise of rotund, exposed bulbs attached to a thin and dainty string. They look impressive whilst attached to the root of the marquee, lighting your wedding and creating a cosy, intimate feel. Available in a cool white or warmer gold, festoon lights are the perfect lighting companion for a rustic or outdoorsy wedding theme.

Hanging lanterns
If you’re having to decide on your lighting provisions under a strict budget, hanging lanterns could be the lighting option for you. Brightly coloured lanterns fixed to the ceiling of your wedding marquee will look fantastic, taking your event from day to night with a simple flick of the switch. The lantern can be selected depending on your wedding colours, consolidating your entire theme for the day.

Available in various colours, LED uplighters are the perfect solution for transforming your wedding from a formal reception to a fun and colourful party. If you’re looking for a whitewash to compliment your simple yet gorgeous wedding concept, or wish to install vivid, eye-catching purple or blue for the reception, uplighting can easily be installed within your Leicester wedding marquee and offer an effective, enjoyable look.

Pitstop Marquees are proud to supply beautiful wedding marquees to the area of Leicester, our 35 years of experience forming the basis of our expert marquee hire service. If you’d like to discuss your marquee options with a professional company today, do not hesitate to contact Pitstop Marquees by calling 01827 872280 or by completing our handy online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!