Decoration ideas for your wedding marquee

How To Decorate Your Wedding Marquee

Decoration ideas for your wedding marquee

So you have chosen a marquee to house all your special guests on your big day, but what next? Unfortunately, there is still a significant amount of work to do to help bring your dream wedding venue to life, but not to worry! Pitstop Marquee Hire have provided you with a collection of unique decoration ideas to teach you how to decorate your wedding marquee to ensure you have a night and a venue to remember.

Table Decoration Ideas

It is important to remember that guests are going to spend the majority of their evenings glued to their table, tucking into their meals and listening to all the speeches, so make sure their table has not just been thrown together. When learning how to decorate your wedding marquee, make sure that every aspect of the marquee mirrors the overall theme of the wedding, including the table. If you are opting for fun, light-hearted theme for your big day, splash out on lots of colour and quirky accessories such as jam-jar drinks and cheesy mementoes to the happy couple. If you have chosen a more understated and sophisticated theme for your venue, then operate with a crisp, white undertone for the majority of the venue, and decorate with hints of floral features and subtle, pastel accents to keep the theme pristine and elegant.

You can mirror these themes by running flowers and vines up and along the structuring of the marquee; just check out these pins and decoration ideas for inspiration.

Flooring Decoration Ideas

The flooring for your marquee depends on the season in which your wedding takes place. If you have planned for your big day to take place during the summer, then you could get away with having no flooring options and simply having grass underfoot (if the weather has played ball). If your wedding has fallen foul to the unpredictable British weather, however, then you may want to consider a number of other flooring options. Carpet is a viable option, particularly if you have a particular theme you are trying to stick to. For the most part, however, solid flooring options will help protect against muddy footprints and spilled drinks.

To find out more about how to decorate your wedding marquee, particularly in regards to flooring, check out our blog on marquee flooring options for your big day.

Marquee Decoration Ideas

Be sure to maximise the space outside your wedding venue and decorate the marquee itself. The scope for decoration ideas does not begin and end at your table designs and flooring options; if you have trees outside your marquee then hang some lanterns off them to create a warm aesthetic. You can also run some fairy lights along the top of your marquee to create a quaint, relaxing vibe to your venue.

If you wish to find out more about to decorate your wedding marquee, then check out our blogs which look at everything you need for your wedding marquee and the best lighting options for your wedding marquee. To find out more about all of our services, contact Pitstop Marquee Hire today by calling us on 01827 872280 or by leaving us a message via our online form.