How to Decorate Your Christmas Party

Remember that Christmas party that you agreed you’d host back in June? Remember how you always told yourself that you still had ages to prepare? Well, it’s almost here.

If you’re still struggling to come to terms with the fact that you’ve left everything until the last minute and have no idea what to do, then our guide to decorating your Christmas party should come in handy! If nothing else, it’ll give you some focus for your planning.

The Colour Theme


As with all of our points in this piece, they’re completely subjective. You might completely disagree with our suggestions but for a starting point, consider the basic Christmas colour scheme. Reds, greens, and whites are generally popular, and there’s plenty of warmth in them when used together. Your Christmas tree will take care of some it, but consider adding other greenery to the room and using deep, rich cushions.

Table Decorations

This is a tricky one, and is again very subjective. It really depends what you’re after, as it’s easy to make table decorations extremely tacky. If you’re happy with that, then it’s a case of bright, bold colours and as much tat as you can find; if you’re after something more sophisticated, consider a more minimalist theme and some slightly more reserved tones.



One of the most important aspects of any party or gathering is the music. It can define the tone and mood of the evening, and there’s plenty of choice when it comes to Christmas music. Again, you can split the options into categories: cheesy pop and classical hymns represent the extremes.