Image of two women talking at a corporate party

How to Behave at a Corporate Party

Image of two women talking at a corporate party

So, the marquee’s up and the venue’s hired for the annual corporate summer party. It’s a night filled with many burning questions; who will be the one to embarrass themselves beyond belief, and how will the boss act after a couple of glasses of red?

To ensure you’re not the one being talked about behind cupped hands on the following Monday morning, we’ve put together a guide about how you should behave at a corporate party. While that may sound a little patronising, it can be useful to know that you’re not the only one with a touch of apprehension ahead of the big day – while everyone’s there to have fun, it’s impossible for the event not to feel like a work thing”.

Know when you’ve had enough

It’s a work event, and there’s alcohol. While the novelty of such a combination might be enough to send some people into overdrive, we’d recommend that you keep a level head, and don’t overdo the drinking. If you’re keen to avoid any embarrassing situations, and value your reputation at the company, refraining from excessive alcohol consumption is strongly advisable!

Check the dress code

Short of becoming roaring drunk and embarrassing yourself with an array of unflattering dance moves, one of the most awkward mistakes you can make is all to do with what you’re wearing. It’s an easy one to avoid – you just need to check the dress code – but if you turn up in bahamas to a black-tie event, there’s very little you can do to recover the situation. Check and double check with a few different people that you’ve got the theme right, and then it’s all on you. Provided you know you’re not going to completely stick out, you’ve got as much creative freedom as you want. Want to stand out? That’s fine, but it’s generally best to stay within the realms of acceptability.

Don’t overdo the venting

Very few people have absolutely nothing to moan about when it comes to work. We spend an awful lot of our time doing our jobs, so it’s only natural that some things are going to get on our nerves. Just try to remember, though, that you’re going to be surrounded by the same people as those on a Monday morning, so it might be best if you don’t go around bad-mouthing everyone. If you’ve got a reliable pair of ears you can moan into, then fine, but otherwise it’s possibly best to keep a lid on it!

Careful with the jokes

Depending on your sense of humour, this may or may not apply to you. Essentially, when it comes to jokes it’s probably best to keep things office-friendly. If you can’t tell a joke to your co-workers in the office, then it’s probably not the greatest idea to tell it to them outside the office, either. Offending people is never a good idea, and that’s essentially what all of our points have been about – don’t risk doing anything you’ll wish you could undo. That is, after all, what your non-work-related social life is for!

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