an image of a patio marquee in a lush green garden

How Patio Marquees Can Enhance Your Outdoor Event in Birmingham

an image of a patio marquee in a lush green garden

Are you in the midst of planning for an exciting outdoor event in the Birmingham area? Marquees are suitable for a vast array of activities or events, such as family parties or corporate days. Pitstop Marquee Hire would wholly recommend installing a patio marquee to enhance your outdoor event, for a myriad of reasons.

Host large parties in beautiful places
Large events, such as weddings, are the perfect opportunity for outdoor patio marquees. Surrounded by the wonderful ambience of nature, you and your guests can celebrate all day and all night. If you™re lucky to pick a lovely summers day, the marquee doors can be draped back and the natural light and air can flow through the marquee. Take advantage of the scenery by encouraging the event theme to ebb to the surrounding foliage and greenery. For example, if your theme is inspired by rustic frills, fairy lights can be draped around the neighbouring area of the marquee – with permission from the nearby venue owners, of course! A second benefit to patio marquees is that the guest list can be as large as you like, with the marquee size chosen to fit your length of guest list – not the other way around.

Create your own theme
Patio marquees are the perfect blank canvas for outdoor party events. As with most venues, patio marquees can be decorated to your liking, with even more flexibility than an indoor venue. You are able to select your own catering options, decorative theme, and much more – choices which are often restricted when working with an events company to bring your celebration to life.

The weather can™t stop you!
If you™re hosting an outdoor event at your domestic property, it is natural that you will worry about the unpredictable British weather. With a patio marquee, your indoor party can spill into the garden with ease. Simply install space heaters at designated areas and, should the weather be adverse, offer your guests an umbrella for the quick walk from the house to the marquee!

No set time limit
As you are essentially hiring your own venue, you won™t need to set a strict time limit for the event to finish, allowing your guests the freedom to celebrate for as long as they like. If you™re hosting an event at home, you won™t need to fret about complaints from the neighbours the next day! Silent parties are the perfect way to encourage the party to continue into the dark night – simply hand out the headphones and dance the hours away. Pitstop Marquee Hire can offer a silent party package perfect for your Birmingham outdoor event – and if you still aren™t completely convinced, have a read of our blog post about the topic, ˜The Advantages of Silent Parties™.

If you™re looking for a company that can install large patio marquees for your Birmingham outdoor event, why not contact Pitstop Marquee Hire? We are proud to provide an extensive range of marquee services, able to adjust the structure to fit your event specifications. Don™t hesitate to call us today at 01827 872280 to discuss your requirements with our expert team!