The decorations of a wedding marquee

Everything You Need For Your Wedding Marquee

The decorations of a wedding marquee

Once all the nerves and nuptials are out of the way, it is time to cut loose and enjoy your wedding day. Yet before you dance the night away as a newlywed, you need to plan and prepare every last detail for your wedding marquee. To make sure you don’t leave out any essentials, follow this list of everything you need for your venue.


The majority of your wedding day and night is going to be spent in this marquee, so make it one to remember. It is important to decide on a theme and stick to it; a smattering of colours and a random assortment of decorations is just going to make the place look untidy. The rule of thumb when decorating a wedding marquee is that ‘less is more.’ Pick a base colour for your tablecloths and chairs and a neutral colour to offset and accent the centre pieces and any other decorations. These may seem like unnecessary steps but when it all comes together it will make the world of difference.

If you are searching for a more outlandish theme, why not take a look at our blog which takes a more in-depth look at how to decorate your wedding marquee?


Every aspect of your after-party has to be discussed, and with a long day ahead of them, your guests are going to want to be fed. When it comes to food, there a variety of options. You could provide a buffet yourself and create a selection of snacks and ‘ready to eat’ bits and let everybody help themselves, or you can go down the more traditional route of having a catering company provide a menu of set meals. If you cannot make your mind up and want a healthy middle ground between these two options, why not fire up a hog roast or BBQ outside the marquee? This option will be just as cost effective and is likely to go down well with everyone.


Making sure everyone can see what is going on seems self-explanatory, but this element requires some level of thought. Most wedding marquees come equipped with starlighting above the dance floor, but this option can be extended across the whole of the marquee. If your big day is in the summer, you will be able to get away with using natural lighting, but once the later hours roll in, you may want some form of artificial lighting in the form of fairy lights or dangling bulbs around the outside of the marquee. If you are still unsure on how to light your wedding marquee, take a look at our full list of options.

Once all the speeches have finished and the drinking has kicked into full swing, everyone will be heading to the dance floor to celebrate in style. Decide early on whether you want any other form of entertainment, such as party games, a children’s entertainer or a DJ, and remove the pressure of having to throw something together last minute. If you want to create the perfect party playlist, take a look at our complete collection of cheesy hits which is perfect for any wedding.

When all the details have been drawn together and a plan is in place, take your mind off the organisation and focus on the big day itself. If all this talk of wedding marquees has inspired you, get in touch with Pitstop Marquees today on 01827872280, or use our online form to speak to a member of our team today.