An image showing a fully-assembled marquee, placed underneath a number of trees to the side of a road

Cracking Common Marquee Hire Myths


Despite becoming increasingly popular, many still look at marquee hire venues with a degree of scepticism. In their latest blog post, Pitstop Marquee Hire aim to crack the most common myths surrounding marquee venues and outline why these venues are perfect all year round.

1. Marquee Hire is Expensive

Like all venues, the more you require, the more expensive it becomes. However, when comparing marquee venues to other venues, marquees provide the greater value for money. All of our marquees can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements, leaving you with a completely bespoke venue. On the whole, our biggest marquees are still competing with ‘rent a room’ venues in terms of price, so instead of a ‘one size fits all’ room, you can invest in a bespoke marquee that is perfect for your event for the same price.

2. They Are Only Good in the Summer

To accommodate for the unpredictable British weather, our marquees are designed to be able to withstand the toughest of conditions, making them a suitable venue choice all year round. Built and designed with durability and stability in mind, our marquees are perfect for every type of event, and not just summer garden parties. Hosting a wedding in the winter? Our marquees can provide the perfect setting for your after party!

3. They Are Difficult to Set Up

When speaking about bespoke venues that are suitable for all types of weather, the fear is that these venues become impossible to set up and to manage. However, when you hire a marquee venue out from Pitstop Marquee Hire, you also hire out a designated team to help set up and organise your venue for you. To avoid any hiccups throughout your event, our staff are also on hand for 24 hours afterwards to help with any issues or problems that may occur.

For the reasons mentioned above, marquee hire venues are the perfect choice for any venue, providing a strong and stable setting at an affordable price, with an experienced crew behind you to ensure an easy setting up process. If you have an upcoming event and are in need of a venue, then why not contact Pitstop Marquee Hire today on 01827 872280 and speak to a member of our team?