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Can’t Stand the Heat? Get Under a Marquee!

It’s hot, really hot. Many are saying that it might be too hot.

In classic British fashion, we’ve moaned for months about the sun’s absence, only to lament its recent persistence. The fact that we’re British, however, also means that we have to get outside in the blistering heat while it’s here, despite the grumbles and short tempers that may surface as a result.

It should come as no surprise to anyone on here that we’re going to focus most of our blogs on marquees (clue’s in the name really: Pitstop Marquee Hire). Here, we’re assessing the value of hiring a marquee during the warmer months, and discussing relevant modifications you could make.

Avoid the sun’s glare

Sure, everyone likes to get some sun on their skin. That healthy glow so often associated with holidays abroad is extremely desirable when the sun sticks around for an elongated period of time. It is essential, however, to both wear sun cream and have access to cover, It’s unhealthy to stay exposed in the sun for too long, but who wants to go inside every ten minutes when the weather’s like this?

A marquee in the garden allows you to get out of the direct sunlight without going inside. You can still appreciate the natural light of outdoors and keep an eye on that barbecue, while also being sensible with your UV exposure.

Leave it open

Hiring a marquee doesn’t have to be restrictive. Marquees come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and styles, so opt for whatever best suits your event. If you’re looking for cover from direct sunlight, then there will almost certainly be a style that caters to that – for example, something without sides might be more appropriate. If, however, you’re planning to provide a cooler area for your guests, then going for something that provides more cover may be the best option. The white surfaces of a marquee generally reflect the heat, so they rarely become overly warm.

Incorporate fans

Whether you’ve got the budget to add ceiling fans to your marquee or not, it is generally a good plan to bring some kind of standing fan into your marquee for your guests/ friends. Provided you ensure that everything is safe (clearly marking the presence of any wires, and not overloading extension leads), bringing a fan into your marquee is a great idea when the weather’s as stiflingly hot as it has been recently.

And … just in case it rains

We all know it’s a possibility. Despite the fact that it’s been dry and sunny for what feels like months on end, there could well be a downpour just around the corner. If it’s a party you’re having, then don’t let the opening of the heavens ruin everything. Hire a marquee, and play it safe – you really do cover all of your bases that way.

Pitstop Marquee Hire

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