Being a Good Host: Our Top 5 Tips

Picture the scene: it’s a warm, summer’s day in England (hear me out) and you’re hosting a garden party. Thing is, you’ve never hosted a garden party before and have absolutely no idea how this is going to go …

Fear not! Pitstop Marquee Hire just happen to know a thing or two about what makes a good host, and we’re going to share our top 5 tips with you now. Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished you’ll be feeling a lot calmer, and a lot more confident.



Okay, so it’s obvious, but it’s also actionable. Do everything you can to ensure you’re as prepared as possible, and that will help you in a few ways. Clearly, it’ll help things run that bit smoother on the day, but it’ll also relieve your stress; this, in turn, will make you a far more easy-going, pleasant host!

Plan the music

Create a playlist, have your favourite vinyl albums lined up, do it however you want, really … just make sure you’ve got a plan. Not thinking about music is an easy mistake to make, as it can often fade into the background at a party. We would strongly advise that you plan something, though; it can help set the mood and it gives you a bit of control over the atmosphere you’re trying to create.

Play it (relatively) safe with the food and drink

Playing it safe” doesn’t have to mean you’re boring. Provided you cover a lot of bases when it comes to your food and drink options, you can keep things simple while still ensuring people will enjoy themselves.

The only issue with being too adventurous is that you risk alienating some of the fussier eaters of the group. If you know everyone will be fine with something a little more risky, then go for it!

Don’t rush

It’s important for you to let your guests do a lot of the work when it comes to the party’s flow. Obviously, as we’ve discussed, you’ve got to put certain things in place to ensure that this is possible – after that, however, it’s a case of letting the afternoon, evening, or night take you in whatever direction it pleases. Too many rules and strict directions are going to prevent your guests from feeling at ease – that’s got to be avoided at all costs!


Finally, it’s your party, so try to enjoy it! If you’ve adhered to all of our previous points, you’ll have done more than enough worrying and planning. The best hosts always enjoy their own parties, and that helps other people enjoy it, too.

Hopefully our five top tips have given you some useful pointers in your bid to become the best party host possible. As always, if you’re looking to hire a marquee for your event then you know where we are! Give us a call on 01827 872 280 or fill out one of our online forms.

Best of luck, and enjoy the party!